How do the invited-riders get associated to my AMBASSADOR-PROMOTER account?
When invited-riders enter Zandonà website using your special link, our automatic system will track their activities. If a rider registers/orders on the website, his/her name/account will be linked to your account for commissions/credit counting.

What if the same rider receives the invitation link from two or more AMBASSADOR-PROMOTERS?
In this case, the “first to shot” rule applies. This means that the invited rider will automatically be linked to the account of the Ambassador-Promoter whose link has been used for registering/ordering on Zandonà website.

How does Zandonà choose AMBASSADOR-PROMOTERS?
All AMBASSADORS will have the chance to become AMBASSADOR-PROMOTERS after they have well tested our products and are 100% convinced about the quality and strongly believes in the brand.
Riders are selected in a manner that they belong to a well-distributed network based on their enthusiasm, willingness to represent Zandonà and, secondarily, riding results. Preference is given to those riders using a wide range of Zandonà products.

What if a rider of my area asks for becoming an AMBASSADOR or AMBASSADOR-PROMOTER as well?
The rider will be firstly informed about the existing local Ambassador and, at Zandonà team discretion (according to the specific features of the area), the rider could be considered for Ambassadorship if necessary and if complying with our requirements.

What happens if I will not have all the requirements to renew my AMBASSADOR-PROMOTER STATUS?
If you do not reach all the requirements to renew your status, you have no guarantee of being confirmed again as an Ambassador-Promoter.

Is there anything I can do to be an AMBASSADOR-PROMOTER again?
Yes, if in the year in which you are not an Ambassador-Promoter, you prove that you did something good for us (promotion, advertising, etc) you may have the possibility to be selected again as Ambassador-Promoter.

What happen to the riders linked to my AMBASSADOR-PROMOTER’s account in case of dismissal/not renewal?
The accounts of the riders you linked to your AMBASSADOR-PROMOTER’s account will remain connected to you but you will not earn commission on their orders. In case you will be enabled again as an AMBASSADOR-PROMOTER, you will restart earning commission for such old accounts too.